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Hi there! I'm Lena.
I'm a jewelry artist from Belarus, now living in Poland.

I'm passionate about creating stylish, recognizable jewelry inspired by esotericism and alchemy.

In my work, I put a big emphasis on high-quality materials, creative designs and a great variety of techniques.

I use this passion and professionalism to design jewelry that enables my clients to stand out from the crowd by adding to their looks something very mystic and one-of-a-kind.
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Here are some of my recent works
Two turns necklace with an embroidered eye
Steel necklace with antique porcelain
Silk heart brooch with chains
Silk heart chocker with an eye
Steel necklace with a pearl-embroidered eye
Embroidered cross brooch with crystals
Silk Sacred Heart brooches
Earrings embroidered with jewerly seed beads
Eye earrings embroidered with hematite and crystals
Let's go!
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Order or rent SKYLARK jewelry no matter where you are
If you want to order a piece of my jewelry for yourself or as a gift, we can deliver it to any place in the world. We also invite stylists, photographers and other artists for collaboration: you can rent our accessories for your next photoshoot or performance.
Check me out on Instagram @skylark_eng
+1 123 456 78 90
If you want to discuss a custom jewelry design or collaboration opportunities, reach me out using email or social media. I'm happy to talk!
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