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symbolic jewelry


Hi there! I'm Lena

My work emphasizes the use of high-quality materials and a variety of techniques to produce truly unique designs. I fuse my passion and professionalism to create jewelry that enables my clients to stand out from the crowd — adding something very mystic, empowering and one-of-a-kind to their appearance.
I'm a jewelry artist from Belarus, now living in
Poland. I'm passionate about creating stylish, recognizable jewelry inspired by esotericism and alchemy.

Some of my recent works

extensive range of jewelry making techniques and materials that I’ve mastered since becoming a professional jewelry artist in 2014.
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JEWELRY pieces

created in collaboration with professional photographers and stylists and published in popular fashion magazines across the globe.
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FEAUTURED collections

We invite all stylists, photographers, models
and other artists to collaborate with us! You can rent our jewelry online for your next photoshoot or performance.
We’re also happy to share high-res pictures of our jewelry if you’d like to make it part of your next awwwesome design project (just like you see on this website).



Ready-made pieces will be sent to you the next day upon purchasing. Shipping of custom pieces usually takes 3–10 days, depending on the complexity of your idea and the availability of materials.
yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, we can deliver it to any location worldwide.
If you would like to order a piece of jewelry for

our art

to you

“If a blind man can gradually be helped to see it is not to be expected that he will at once discern new truths with an eagle eye. One must be glad if he sees anything at all, and if he begins to understand what he sees.”
–– C.G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy